The Blues Cluster is a website where you can find any blues song or artist you desire. You can explore , the music, and history of the blues. There are also lessons and videos on the best songs to listen to. this is a space for blues enthusiasts. You can find all sorts of information about the blues . created by a Young Moroccan. He is always been obsessed with the blues because it’s so universal and its roots can be traced back to Africa. He hopes that through this site he will be able to share his love for the blues with people around the world. 

The music on the Blues Cluster has been created by a team of 3 friends who love the blues. And that love shines through in every track. . we believe that music is a powerful source of healing and restoration. We work hard to understand the power of music, and bring joy to people's lives. We believe everyone deserves good music - no matter where they are or what they're going through. That's why we offer a free blues radio station, a social network for blues lovers to make friends and find authentic people to share their story with, a library of the best blues songs around, and more!

This is a non-profit group of blues music lovers !! we dont sel any lessons/courses/books/CD's / tutorials ... to our followers . all Content on this blog is from internet  Public searches ...

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