Frank Marino is a real good player. I enjoyed his music.

Johnny Winter

Pure shredding, Pure tone, and Pure inspiration, Pure Frank Marino.

Zakk Wylde

He set the groundwork for guys like me to have a successful career. If it wasn't for Frank Marino I wouldn't have a career.

Joe Bonamassa

Frank is a very powerful performer and was an inspiration to me at a very critical time in my musical evolution.

Steve Vai

One of the truly great guitar players. Frank is a complete original.

Uli Jon Roth

I toured with Frank back in the 70's and he just blew me away every night.

Pat Travers

I was inspired and impressed by his spirit and technical control. Frank Marino is a true guitar landmark.

Shawn Lane

Frank Marino stands above all with the most exciting playing style, the most brilliant and confident technique and soloing that bristles with intensity.

Marty Friedman

Frank was a big influence, and how I think guitar players should sound like.

Paul Gilbert

I have never witnessed a more inspired and exciting performance as the one I witnessed by Frank Marino.

Randy Hansen

Frank's music is just dripping with vibe. A big influence.

Vinnie Moore

Frank Marino is the bomb. He has the screaming tone to die for.

Jennifer Batten

Frank Marino is my favorite guitar player to this day.

John Norum

I love Frank's anthemic structures. An innovator in electric guitar wizardry.

Ronnie Montrose