Joe Bonamassa, a renowned blues guitarist, has often spoken about the influence of BB King on his musical career. As a young boy, Bonamassa was introduced to the music of King and was immediately captivated by his soulful playing style. King's music inspired Bonamassa to pick up the guitar and pursue a career in music.

BB King's influence on Bonamassa can be heard in his playing style, which is heavily influenced by King's signature vibrato and phrasing. Bonamassa has often cited King as one of his biggest inspirations and has even had the opportunity to perform alongside him on stage.

Despite King's passing in 2015, his legacy lives on through the music of Bonamassa and countless other musicians who have been influenced by his unique playing style. King's impact on the world of blues music is immeasurable, and his influence on a young Joe Bonamassa is a testament to his lasting legacy.