Cream's performance of Crossroads at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco on March 10, 1968, has gone down in history as one of the greatest live performances of all time. The band's rendition of the Robert Johnson classic was a masterclass in blues-rock, showcasing the virtuosity of Eric Clapton on guitar, Jack Bruce on bass, and Ginger Baker on drums.

The performance was a tour de force of improvisation and musical chemistry, with each member of the band pushing the others to new heights. Clapton's searing guitar solos were matched by Bruce's thunderous basslines and Baker's explosive drumming, creating a sound that was both raw and refined.

The impact of Cream's performance of Crossroads can still be felt today, with countless musicians citing it as a major influence on their own work. It remains a testament to the power of live music and the enduring legacy of one of the greatest bands of all time.