Bonnie has a story to tell about a life changing experience that brought sadness and compassion for two strangers who share one common bond.

Grammy award winning song by Bonnie, "Just Like That" 

I watched him circle round the blockFinally stopped at mineTook a while before he knockedLike all he had was timeExcuse me, ma'am, maybe you can helpThe directions weren't so clearI'm looking for Olivia ZandThey said I might find her here
I looked real hard and asked himWhat she's got he's looking for?Said there's somethin' I think she'd want to knowAnd I let him in the doorIt's not like me to trust so quickCaught me by surpriseBut somethin' about him gave me easeRight there in his eyes
And just like that your life can changeIf I hadn't looked awayMy boy might still be with me nowHe'd be 25 todayNo knife can carve away the stainNo drink can drown regretThey say Jesus brings you peace and graceWell he ain't found me yetNa, na, na, na, naNa, na, na, na, naNa, na, na, na, na, na
He sat down and took a deeper breathThen looked right in my faceI heard about the son you lostHow you left without a traceI've spent years just trying to find youSo I could finally let you knowIt was your son's heart that saved meAnd a life you gave us both
And just like that your life can changeLook what the angels sendI lay my head upon his chestAnd I was with my boy againI spent so long in darknessNever thought the night would endBut somehow grace has found meAnd I had to let him inNa, na, na, na, naNa, na, na, na, na