Slow music, in general, is all about relaxing and decompressing. The lyrics are often about the singer's love or longing for a lost love.

The lyrics feature a male first-person speaker addressing his female lover, asking her to say something kind to him. When a call comes, long-distance, it is only to tell him that "another mule [is] kickin' in your stall".[6] John Collis calls the song a "slow, meditative and soulful strut" that has Waters (a Mississippi native then working in Chicago) "exploit migration as a commercial theme".

You said you love me babyPlease call me on the phone sometime
You said you love me babyPlease call me on the phone sometimeWhen I hear your voiceYou know it ease my worried mindI'm gonna show you how nice a man can be(How nice is that?) Real good
One of these daysI'm gonna show you just how nice a man can beI'ma buy you a brand new CadillacIf you only speak some good words about meTell 'em about me! (Tell 'em about me!)
I hear my phone ringing (i did too)Sound like a long distance call
I hear my phone keep ringingAnd it sound like a long distance call
When I picked up my receiverThe thought of lovin' you keep me going all night long
I know you hear my phone keep on ringingSound like a long distance callI know you hear my phone keep on ringingYou know it sound like a long distance callWhen I picked up my receiveThe party said, the party said another mule (there's another mule)
People I was down the neighborhood one dayAnd I talked to some friends of mineAnd the one on the corner laughed at meHe said, another muleAfter a while, after a while, after a while
I went back home like a good man shouldI put my hand in my pocket and got my key outAnd unlock the doorAnd there stand my wifeShe was cryin' and said another mule
The little girl, the little girl, she jumped up off the floorShe tied my hands together, she lookin' straight at me"Now, now, now, " she was sayin'She was sayin', she was sayin', she was sayinShe was sayin', she was sayinMighty one another mule is kickin' in your stall
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Mckinley Morganfield
Long Distance Call lyrics © Watertoons Music