Song Of The Day : Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Cold Shot

Double Trouble is an American blues rock band from Austin, Texas which served as the backing band for guitarist/singer Stevie Ray Vaughan. The group was active throughout the 1980s and contributed to reviving the blues, inspiring many later blues and rock musicians. Formed in Austin, Texas in 1978, the group went through several early line-up changes before settling on a power trio consisting of Vaughan, Chris Layton (drums), Tommy Shannon (bass). They became a four-piece by 1985 after adding Reese Wynans (keyboards). While with Vaughan the band was billed Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. Rooted in blues and rock music, the group worked in many genres ranging from ballads to soul, often incorporating jazz and other elements.

Initially a five-piece lineup with Vaughan, Lou Ann Barton (vocals), Fredde Walden (drums), Jackie Newhouse (bass) and Johnny Reno (saxophone), they built their reputation playing clubs around Texas over a four-year period. Molded into a trio (Vaughan, Layton, Shannon), their musical potential was encouraged by producer John H. Hammond, who got the band a recording contract with Epic Records. They gained popularity after their debut album, Texas Flood, became a critical and commercial success in 1983. By the mid-1980s, they had become an international act, touring extensively around the world until August 1990, when Vaughan was killed in a helicopter crash after departing East Troy, Wisconsin.

Various posthumous releases featuring Vaughan have been issued since his death, overseen by his brother Jimmie. Since Vaughan's death, Double Trouble has continued in various capacities, releasing a studio album in 2001 and acting as a session band for blues and local Austin musicians. The band has sold over 11.5 million albums in the United States, receiving platinum certifications for all four of their studio albums featuring Vaughan. They have won four Grammy Awards including Best Contemporary Blues Performance for their album In Step (1989).

Once was a sweet thing, baby
Held that love in our hands
But now I reach to kiss your lips
It just don't mean a thing
And that's a cold shot, baby
Yeah that's a drag
A cold shot, baby
I've let our love go bad
Remember the way that you loved me
Do anything I say
Now I see you out somewhere
You won't give me the time of day
And that's a cold shot, oh
Yeah that's a drag
That's a cold shot, baby
We'd better learn from that
I really meant I was sorry
For ever causing you pain
You showed your appreciation
By walking out anyway
And that's a cold shot, baby
Yeah that's a drag
That's a cold shot, baby
We'd better learn from that
So sad
Too bad
So sad
Don't let our true love run cold
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Michael Kindred / Wesley Clarke
Cold Shot lyrics © Hard Case Music

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