Jeff Healey , full name Norman Jeffrey Healey ( Toronto , March 25, 1966 - Toronto , March 2, 2008 ), was a Canadian guitarist .

Blind since the age of one year due to a retinoblastoma , he was known for his particular guitar playing technique, which saw him sitting with the Stratocaster resting on his knees.
In 2006 he also appears on the album Gillan's Inn in the Deep Purple song When A Blind Man Cries , also accompanying the Ian Gillan Band on some dates. It is also worth mentioning his participation in the film The tough one of the Road House with Patrick Swayze and Ben Gazzara, where he played the part of Cody, guitarist and singer of the group that entertained the customers of the local "Double Deuce". The film's soundtrack features numerous performances of rock classics by the band.

Jeff Healey died on March 2, 2008 in Toronto at the age of 41 of a tumor : Retinoblastoma that had reformed the previous year. Healey was married and had two children.

A few months after his passing, the posthumous Mess of Blues is released which, offering both live and studio tracks, not only presented a cast of guests worthy of Hell to Pay , but successfully returned to the bluesy sound that had made the fortune of See the Light .

I done run into my baby,
And finally found my old blue jeans
Well, I done ran into my baby,
And finally found my old blue jeans
I knew they was mine,
By the oil and the gasoline, yeah
If I ever get back my blue jeans,
Well how happy could one man be?
I said, uh, if I ever get back my blue jeans,
Well, how happy can one man be?
'Cause when I get back those blue jeans,
Yeah, you know my baby,
Will bring em home to me
Yeah, yeah
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Frank Lee Beard / Joe Michael Hill / Billy F Gibbons
Blue Jean Blues lyrics © Music Of Stage Three