January 12th 1969 was the release date of Led Zeppelin's debut album.
Gritty, bluesy and hard rocking Led Zeppelin I was recorded mixed and finished in 36 hours something unheard of in studio recording time these days.
The band touring as The New Yardbird's was already performing live shows when they went into the studio so it was those live performances that the album content was based.
How Many More Times" was the group's closing live number in their early career. The song was improvised around an old Howlin' Wolf number, "How Many More Years", and a Page guitar riff, which developed spontaneously into a jam session. The track includes a bolero section similar to Jeff Beck's "Beck's Bolero" (which was written by and featured Page), and segues into "Rosie" and "The Hunter" which were improvised during recording. Page played the guitar with the violin bow in the middle section of the track, similar to "Dazed and Confused"