Muddy Waters, "Soon Forgotten"-Live 1978


Another stunning live performance of Muddy Waters!

Live in Dortmund 1978.

"Give me a pencil and paper, I just want to figure your time
Well I'm gonna put it down in black and white, you know I ain't lyin'
On the twelfth of April and the year in 19 and 61
On the twelfth of April and the year a 19 and 61
Ya know I watched it, a few times now, an' you and your man, was havin' fun
Right then, I quitted you, but you begged me to take you back, uum
Yeah, ya know I think I've quittin' that woman, but she begged me to take her back
Yeah, you know I'z a man-a-my word, now and now this is the way, my bab-ay
'Ciden' I said I'm through, bab-ay I mean I'm through
'Ciden' I said that I 'm through, bab-ay I mean I'm through
Yeah, and I been so many people forgotten, one day I'm goin' to forget you..."

Muddy Waters: Vocals, Electric Guitar Pinetop Perkins: Piano Jerry Portnoy: Harmonica Luther Johnson: Guitar Bob Margolin: Guitar Calvin Jones: Bass Willie Smith: Drums

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