In 1951 Junior Parker formed his own band, the Blue Flames, with the guitarist Pat Hare. Parker was discovered in 1952 by talent scout Ike Turner who brought him to record for Modern Records. This resulted in his first release, "You're My Angel"/"Bad Women, Bad Whiskey" with Turner playing piano. This brought him to the attention of Sam Phillips, and he and his band signed with Sun Records in 1953. There they produced three successful songs: "Feelin' Good" (which reached number 5 on the US Billboard R&B chart), "Love My Baby," and "Mystery Train", a cover version of which was recorded by Elvis PresleyFor Presley's version of "Mystery Train", Scotty Moore borrowed the guitar riff from Parker's "Love My Baby", played by Pat Hare. "Love My Baby" and "Mystery Train" became rockabilly standards.

Auburn "Pat" Hare was a Memphis electric blues guitarist and singer. His heavily distortedpower chord–driven electric guitar music in the early 1950s is considered an important precursor of heavy metal musicHis guitar work with Little Junior's Blue Flames had a major influence on the rockabilly style, and his guitar playing on blues records by artists such as Muddy Waters was influential among 1960s British Invasion blues rock bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds.