Jimi Hendrix Blues Lesson

Red House is a song written by Jimi Hendrix that demonstrates the influence that blues music had on Jimi's songwriting and guitar playing. A moderately slow blues tempo in the key of B with the guitar tuned down a 1/2 step and some practice should get you sounding and playing like Jimi in no time.
Here is the rhythm guitar backing track to play along with to help keep the tempo and remember Red House is a standard 12 bar composition. Listen to the guitar intro and you'll hear the 12 bars end when Jimi begins singing on the 13th bar that is counted as the 1st bar of the next set of 12 bars. Repeat that pattern until the ending.

Have fun and enjoy playing along with the videos. If you would like to comment on the playing, the arrangement or add tips for playing Red House we at Blues Cluster would love to hear from you.

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