Cream,"Goodbye Tour Live 1968" a bit of history of this recent publication

Released on March 2020, this precious publication features four historical shows
of the final "Goodbye Tour"(1968).
Here a gem,rarely performed live from Oakland Coliseum-October 4.
"Passing the Time"
"Crossroads" was also played that day in a slower version than the famous present on "Wheels of Fire"...

And listen now to "White Room" from Los Angeles Forum, October 19

There 's also a stunning version of "Politician"recorded in San Diego, October 20...

In the end we would like to mention "Sunshine of Your Love" from the final date at Royal Albert Hall. The Cream finished that day November,26.
They made an incredible reunion tour in 2005,but that's  another story!

*The photo of The Cream above the article comes directly from the 4 CD box set*
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  3. Thank You!
    The Cream were absolutely Epic.
    Three Great Artists so gifted...They really changed the way of playing music and created something new.