Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (April 18, 1924 – September 10, 2005) was an American musician from Louisiana and Texas known for his work as a blues musician, as well as other styles of music. He spent his career fighting purism by synthesizing old blues, country, jazz, Cajun music, and R& B styles. His work also encompasses rock and roll, rock music, folk music, electric blues, and Texas blues

He was an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, who played an array of musical instruments, including the guitar, fiddle, mandolin, viola, harmonica, and drums. He won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album in 1983 for his album, Alright Again!.He is regarded as one of the most influential exponents of blues fiddle and has had enormous influence in American fiddle circles.

Brown's two biggest musical influences were Louis Jordan and T-Bone Walker.

Original albums

1972 The Blues Ain't Nothin' (Black and Blue)
1973 Cold Storage (Black and Blue)
1973 Sings Louis Jordan (Black and Blue)
1973 Drifter Rides Again (Barclay)
1974 Gate's on the Heat (Barclay)
1974 Down South in Bayou Country (Barclay)
1975 Bogalusa Boogie Man (Barclay)
1976 Blackjack (Music Is Medicine)
1977 Heatwave (with Lloyd Glenn) (Black and Blue)
1979 Makin' Music (with Roy Clark) (One Way)
1981 Alright Again! (Rounder)
1982 One More Mile (Rounder)
1986 Real Life (Rounder)
1989 Standing My Ground (Alligator)
1992 No Looking Back (Alligator)
1994 The Man (Verve/Gitanes)
1996 Long Way Home (Verve/Gitanes)
1997 Gate Swings (Verve/Gitanes)
1999 American Music, Texas Style (Verve/Blue Thumb)
2001 Back to Bogalusa (Verve/Gitanes)
2004 Timeless (Hightone)

Compilations and bootlegs

1974 San Antonio Ballbuster (Red Lightnin') Peacock recordings
1980 Texas Blues Live in Concert
Internationales Jazzfestival Bern, SBV

1983 Atomic Energy (Blues Boy) Peacock recordings
1985 Pressure Cooker (Alligator) Black and Blue recordings
1985 More Stuff (Black and Blue) Black and Blue recordings
1987 Texas Swing (Rounder) Rounder recordings
1989 Hot Times Tonight (P-Vine) various recordings of the 1960-70s
1990 The Original Peacock Recordings (Rounder) Peacock recordings
1993 Just Got Lucky (Evidence Music) Black and Blue recordings
1994 Live (Charly) previously unreleased live recording
1995 The Best of Clarence Gatemouth Brown, A Blues Legend (Verve) Barclay recordings
1999 Okie Dokie Stomp (Bullseye Blues & Jazz) Rounder recordings
1999 Guitar in My Hand (Catfish) Aladdin & Peacock recordings
1999 Hot Club Drive (P-Vine) Black and Blue recordings
1999 The Blues Ain't Nothing (P-Vine) Black and Blue recordings
2000 Okie Dokie (AIM) various recordings of the 1960s
2002 "Gatemouth" Brown: 1947–1951 (Classics) Aladdin & Peacock recordings
2003 Clarence Gatemouth Brown: In Concert (DVD)
2005 "Gatemouth" Brown: 1952–1954 (Classics) Peacock recordings
2010 Rockin' Boogie Blues (Blues Boulevard) early recordings

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