Eric Clapton - Blues in 'A'

Eric Clapton is amazing, as so with some many others.   some gone some still with us it was just  SRV's passing the other day 28 years since that master  is gone and Hendrix probably close to 50 years gone.   But Clapton still pushing out the blues good for him....

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  1. Funny. Clapton left the Yardbirds because as a blues purest he felt they were going commercial pop. So he joined the Bluesbreakers and did his best stuff.
    Then he left to firm Cream which, like the Yardbirds we're a blues based pop band. Then he traded in his Gibson's and sent from hard edged tone to the lazy "woman tone".
    As this so g demonstrates, no fire, a lazy blues un inspired, and with addition of the Wah, surely not purist. Wah is fine in a rock blues setting as Hendrix and Clapton in Cream proved, but it has no place in straight forward blues.
    This song reminds me if either elevator music or the Late Show house band trying to be "bluesy"
    Give me Beano.. that's all I want, and all I need!