We all know that Eric Clapton is a Blues Master…You can check His live performances as well as His main works as a Solo Artist, or with John Mayall,Cream  in the past and with BB King  in recent years.

But, somehow, we can find His natural feeling for the blues in not so famous publications  and this is an interesting and true fact.

Let’s begin with the First


Definitely a Concept Album by Waters,it presents haunting guitar parts by Slowhand in every song.  It’s 1984 and Eric’s playing like that day was the last day.

All his solos come deep from the Blues,but He transforms them. All becomes something new so meaningful.

If You listen in particular to 05 - 4h41 AM (Sexual Revolution) [11:39] You will soon understand what I mean.


This time it’s 1988 and Clapton is committed for doing music for a particular film.

Probably His best effort for movie music,He performs electric and acoustic so well.  His Guitar fills give a fantastic atmosphere while watching the film and stay on top even only listening to the soundtrack.

No one plays dobro like Him,so when He switches into acoustic We can really enjoy His inspired Blues licks.  In my humble opinion He should do a dobro-related album.



This dramatic 1991  film contains one of His most famous songs ,Tears in Heaven,but the instrumentals are stunning,so raw and pure.

 Then There’s two gems. 

A long and powerful track along with Buddy Guy called “Don’t Know Which Way to Go”  and the self-penned “Help Me Up”. 

It’s interesting that,in the first tune, Clapton leaves Guy all the singing and solos almost till the very end when His Guitar arrives and makes “Mirabilia”.