Friday Blues Menu 7 : R L Burnside , Remember , And Enjoy

Welcome  to another Friday Blues Menu Blog post . Friday Blues Menu is a a menu for a famous Blues artist and each friday we prapre one , so we give our blues followers more blues  informations   about the artist like his career , his awards , the best of his blues videos performance , facts you gonna know them for the first time and if you know them already hope you will share this post with your friends,  anyway today we select the iconic blues legend Robert Lee Burnside ,  was an American blues singer , songwriter, and guitarist. He played music for much of his life but received little recognition before the early 1990s. In the latter half of the decade, Burnside recorded and toured with Jon Spencer, garnering crossover appeal and introducing his music to a new fan base in the punk and garage 

Background information

Birth nameRobert Lee Burnside
Born : November 23, 1926
Harmontown : Lafayette County, Mississippi, United States
Origin : Oxford, Mississippi, United States
Died : September 1, 2005(aged 78)Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Genres : Blues, Hill country blues, garage 

Death and Legacy

A  heart attack in November 2002 resulted in a surgery in 2003, and short-circuited any future career plans he had.Yet Burnside continued as guest singer on occasions, such as Bonnaroo Music Festival, 2004, his last public appearance.He died at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee on September 1, 2005, at the age of 78. Services were held at Rust College, in Holly Springs, with burial in the Free Springs Cemetery, in Harmontown. Around the time of his death, he resided in Byhalia, Mississippi. His immediate survivors included:
  • His wife, Alice Mae Taylor Burnside (1932–2008), married 1949
  • His daughters Mildred Jean Burnside (1949–2010), Linda Jackson, Brenda Kay Brooks, and Pamela Denise Burnside
  • His sons Melvin Burnside, R.L. Burnside Jr. (1954–2010), Calvin Burnside, Joseph Burnside, Daniel Burnside, Duwayne Burnside, Dexter Burnside, Garry Burnside, and Rodger Harmon
  • His sisters Lucille Burnside, Verelan Burnside, and Mat Burnside
  • His brother, Jesse Monia
  • 35 grandchildren
  • 32 great-grandchildren
Members of his extended family continue to play blues in the Holly Springs area and in wider circles. His son Duwayne Burnside has played guitar with the North Mississippi Allstars (PolarisHill Country Revue with R. L. Burnside). He has operated music venues named after Burnside and Alice Mae in Chulahoma, Memphis,Waterford,and Holly Springs. His grandson Cedric Burnside has released six albums with four musical partners and toured with Kenny Brown and others. His son Garry Burnside used to play bass guitar with Junior Kimbrough, North Mississippi Allstars, and Hill Country Revue; in 2006 he released an album with Cedric. His son-in-law Calvin Jackson (died 2015) recorded with blues musicians of Burnside's generation and younger. His grandson, Kent Burnside, is also a touring blues musician. Kent is currently touring with the Flood Brothers and released an album with them in 2016. Grandson Cody (died 2012) was also a musician. Kenny Brown has released four albums and toured with the family and his own band.Burnside won one W. C. Handy Award in 2000 (Traditional Blues Male Artist of the Year), two in 2002 (Traditional Blues Male Artist of the Year; Traditional Blues Album of the Year, Burnside on Burnside), and one in 2003 (Traditional Blues Male Artist of The Year); he had 11 unsuccessful nominations in 8 years for the awards, starting in 1982,as well as one for a Grammy. Several of the Mississippi Blues Trail markers, which have been erected since 2006, mention him. In 2014 he was inducted to the Blues Hall of Fame in Memphis.Burnside's fellow Fat Possum musicians The Black Keys credit him as an influence and interpolated his "Skinny Woman" into their track "Busted".The electronica musician St. Germain used samples of Burnside's "Nightmare Blues" throughout the track "How Dare You", on his 2015 album.


Burnside performing at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon, in January 2001
 Burnside had a powerful, expressive voice, that did not   fail with old age but rather grew richer, and played   both electric and acoustic guitar, with and without   a slide. His drone-heavy style was more characteristic   of North Mississippi hill country blues than Delta   blues. Like other country blues musicians, he did not   always adhere to strict 12- or 16-bar blues patterns,   often adding extra beats to a measure as he saw   fit. His rhythms are often based on the fife and drum   blues of north Mississippi.

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