Jammin on the song Magic Sam Boogie, AKA Lookin Good. I've been playing this song for a few years, so there are some extra things in there which have kind of developed by themselves, I'm still working on perfecting this one, but I think that's how it is with guitar playing... always trying to get better and improve. Magic Sam was a big influence on me, especially the live recordings, which though really lo-fi, show just how great a guitarist he was. Magic Sam Boogie has been a favorite of mine for a while, and I've mixed in some John Lee Hooker things to add to the boogie flavor. My gear is... Japanese Stratocaster... Maxon CP101 Compressor... DIY Fuzz Face... DIY LPB-1... Fender Frontman 15 amp If you set your guitar volume low, the Fuzz Face cleans up really well and you can get tones that would be good for Little Wing and in this case a 50's style Boogie tone, it all depends where your guitar volume is set. The Fuzz Face can be very versatile and there is a lot of tonal variation available. I hope you enjoy my version of Magic Sam Boogie