Muddy Waters, George "Harmonica" Smith, "Pinetop" Perkins, Pee Wee Madison, Sammy Lawhorn, Calvin "Fuzz" Jones & Willie "Big Eyes" Smith 

Muddy Waters a native mississippi delta bluesman In Concert at " Univ. of Oregon" ,the rare footage shows muddy at his prime with one of his best bands, the concert was filmed during a west coast tour in 1971. Rolling his eyes toward the stars and shaking his head like a possessed soul ,that night muddy waters cast a powerfull spell ,his brown high cheeckbones and oriental facials gave him a certain brightness. A unique signature such as his voice and his way of playing the electrical guitar could easily control the heartbeats of the audiences,many claim that muddy was the best in electric blues, he earned it for understanding the beauty and power in simplicity , by transforming a simple basic patters into blues masterpieces. decades after the introduction , hypnotic stoptime songs such as "manish boy" and " babey,please don't go " still electrify audiences , the voodo and the words power prominent in waters'best known lyrics.