• Jimi started out playing guitar on the 'chitlin circuit', backing acts like Little Richard and The Isley Brothers.

  • He moved to New York, and in 1966 was offered the chance of a new career in London.
  • 'Hey Joe' was a British Top Ten pop hit, and when Jimi appeared on TV he got sensational revues.
  • His use of feedback and wah-wah, and his awesome technique impressed Eric Clapton, the entire British Blues community, and then the whole world.

  • Jimi only made three studio albums; Are You Experienced?; Axis Bold as Love; and Electric Ladyland, but much more material has been released by The Experience Hendrix Organisation
  • Jimi's 'Star Spangled Banner' at Woodstock was a wordless tribute to the Vietnam Generation, the eternal voice of disenfranchised youth, and a fitting epitaph to a great man.