The passing of Greg Allamn was a hit to all, especially older artists who grew up with the WORLDS greatest jam band. Greg n brother Duane gave the boomer generation a new sound mixing blues, soul and rock to give us a new sound.
Having been fortunate enough to have seen them in 69-70 and at many shows until there year long stent in NYC last year, the Allamn brother band has certainly left a huge mark in music history..

Losing Gregory and David Bowie both to liver cancer has shown so many of us in the 60s nothing lasts forever and to take care of ourselves He was the voice that will remain in infiney his solo alobum LAID BACK with the title track MIDNIGHT RIDER speaks to a a generation, and will continue to speak to those to come Gregg Allman will be laid to rest in his hometown of Macon, Georgia on Saturday.